Give Life a Chance.

This is the post excerpt.


“Wow” was my reaction when I saw the Golden Gate bridge for the first time as we were driving up the hill to get to a scenic view. We had four smartphones, we had to take pictures and loads of them and of course, we had to pose for these pictures as if they were going into the next edition of the latest magazine cover. Then, it dawned on me to just stop, and to take a deep breath, a long and a deep one again, just to breathe in the serenity and the beauty of such a place.

Now, let me give you the background of how I was raised. I was born and brought up in Kuwait. Living there as an Indian I was warned by my parents that anything outside the walls of our home is unsafe. Let it be the street cat, your next door non-Indian neighbor or even the shop below your house-  everything is unsafe. So, growing up I always felt that I was only a city girl and I loved concrete jungles and nothing more. I was afraid of anything that had four legs and I didn’t understand why people traveled around the world to see flowers or dawn when they could watch the same things on television.

When I reached the U.S, my husband and I lived in a small beach town called Carpinteria. We lived in a vacation rental for about 6 months with the Pacific on one side and rolling hills on the other. I would whine most of the days about how there is no life here and my dear husband would say “You don’t know what you have and you will miss this when we leave”. I decided to give my poor darling a chance and look at things differently. One day as I was walking back from the gym, I suddenly noticed how beautiful the place we were living in was. I started noticing different kinds of birds, flowers, colors on leaves, the ocean and the shades in the sky.

Give life a chance, enjoy wherever you are, it might not look beautiful to you but when you decide to stop being rigid and inflexible and see that life is actually lovely, we make memories not only through our smartphones or camera but through our minds and hearts. post

Intimidated or Inspired

Like any form of dance, hoop-dancing is a form of art where you learn some basic tricks and styles then get into the rhythm and groove of the music and let the spirit within you speak out.

I started waist hooping a couple of years back but I had to be introduced to advanced hoopers for me to understand that I can do more than just waist hooping. I used to watch Youtube videos of hoopers and get totally inspired but was dancing was for me too?

A little background on my dancing history- I used to watch people dance and hoped that I could move my body like them but I was ashamed of the way it looked especially when I was aware that I was being watched.

The hoop helped me overcome this intimidation.

When I am inside the hoop I am able to shut myself off from the outside world as the hoop make you feel you are inside a virtual space of your own. Also, the need to concentrate on my move to avoid the hoop from dropping keeps me distracted on being bothered about😕 who is watching me or can I actually do this kind of questions in my mind.

Learning a new trick is like opening your mind to a different thought process, as when you travel and see cultures that are so different from your own, and this makes you want to change perspective, in the same way when you don’t get the trick try something different like stop hooping for a while, or change scenery or music.

Though comparing is an innate nature within me, I rather compare my progress with myself than beat myself and get intimidated, think that I am a failure.

So, try something different, find a hula hoop and let the fun begin.🤗

Even Minnie is giving a try😉

Happy Hooping


A Human Being to a Love Being.

Valentines Day is such a special day of the year, where young and old would like to receive a special something from their special someone. I remember as being a curly hair 14 years old, wondering with a tickle of excitement when my classmate got chocolates with a teddy saying ‘I love you’ from her boyfriend when we were in an  ‘All Girls’ school. That small feeling of excitement didn’t change when I was 20 when another girlfriend’s boyfriend took pity on me and gave me, my first rose. I remember, keeping that rose till I received one of my own. Nevertheless, it is one of those days that we like to celebrate with so much anticipation like celebrating a birthday or Christmas.

Humans as a species, are known for our ability to be one of the fittest living beings to possess the earth. We give credit to our inventions, discoveries, being skillful also the ability to build and destroy. One of our favorite lines, we like to quote during our inability of not achieving things we feel we need to, at a point in time or not being able to tolerate or bear the shortcoming of another is when we say, “Well, I am only human”.

This one of the many reasons for our fascination with superheroes is that they were able to use their supernatural ability to fight the darkness both in and out. We become a superhero to that special person in days like valentines day, where we build up courage to ask someone out while fighting the coward nature within us or buying flowers with a card saying ‘your special someone’ who you have taken for granted. This is when the life force within you comes alive and you fight the urge to be lazy or make excuses like “I rather do something more productive than vile away time”. There are so many ways where we can change from just being a human to being a love-being.  It’s the battle against the mind to choose to be love-being than💕 just being human.

Few of my favorite things

As a new Mom, I always seem to have “me time” at 1 am. I go through Facebook, Pinterest, finish shopping on Amazon, read a lot on parenting and so forth. Yes, thanks to smartphones I do this all by lying down next to my daughter who bed shares with me. I have been trying to train her to sleep in her crib but as you can guess she gets the better of us.

One of my favorite things to do is to smell her hair and snuggle as close I can to her, then I lift up my head just a few inches above the bed and I enjoy watching her sleep with her fist on the side of her head and her mouth half open. While doing this I realized that this moment no one can take away from me. This might just be on the top of the list for the favorite things I enjoy. We all have our favorites; we might be in a place of lows or highs, but there is always something around us that makes us happy and no one can take that away from us except ourselves.

It’s easy to get into the hassle where we think we need to do something to make us happy like eating chocolate ice cream. 😉 It could also be a memory such as my brother riding his bike an hour at 12 am to pick me up and drop me off to work 10 min away from my home cause I was too scared to go alone in the night. It’s funny how easily we can hold people to the wrong they have done towards us, maybe it’s time to change and choose to hold people for the good they have done or said towards us that made us feel respected. Like my dad says “ if someone has done at least one thing good to you, never forget to aid them whenever they need help”

It’s funny how easily we can hold people to the wrong they have done towards us, maybe it’s time to change and choose to hold people for the good they have done or said towards us that made us feel respected. Like my dad says “ if someone has done at least one thing good to you, never forget to aid them whenever they need help”

Here are some of my favorite things I feel no one take away from me:

1. Seeing my daughter reach her milestones, the first time I held her or even the moment I realized how much this tiny human meant to me.

2. Enjoying my honeymoon with my husband on the Tuscan Hills.

3. Eating KFC or Baskin Robbins chocolate ice cream.

4. Enjoying Psalms 23 when I feel I have no purpose in life. Trust the Lord that he knows exactly where he is leading me.

5. Hoop dancing 💃

If your reading this please comment and let me know one thing that makes you happy and you feel no one can take away from you.

Live life fully!